A good article Nathan. Thanks.

What you are talking about, it seems to me, is a return to the way 'science' was at the time when Newton could have more books in his library on alchemy than physics and be comfortable with that. It is, perhaps, the old discipline of Hermeticism. Or if you like a Renaissance view.

In my view, this position in time, which I would say was focused on turning its back on the dogmatic religions of the time and before science had become its own dogmatic religion, was an ideal. It is the approach I've taken my entire life, one that combines the scientific method, where appropriate, with a recognition that there are some aspects of reality that require a more nuanced, indeed personal, methodology of exploration.

Sadly science has become the New Inquisition, and has thus lost credibility with many people. I say sadly because there is much to love about the scientific approach. It is the culture of science that has become rotten.

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