The Day After Defender of the Fatherland Day, Or Why Dealing With the Russian Invasion of the Ukraine is So Critical

Photo by Pavel Neznanov on Unsplash

The Fallacy of Historic Justification

In his justifications for the ‘special military action’, Putin used the tired and pathetic argument of the Ukraine being an historic part of Russia. It is a pathetic argument for two reasons — it is a common one used by dictators to justify some unjustifiable action by trying to garner some support from their own people and it demonstrates a stupid lack of understanding of history. The stupidity of this justification is that, for almost any piece of land on Earth, one can find different periods of history that will justify a different ‘historical ownership’. There have been periods of time when much of European Russia belonged to Poland, Germany, Sweden and even France.

The Parallels With China

It is interesting that the same justifications have been used by China in backing its claims to Taiwan. This is one reason why China is failing to condemn the invasion, to do so would undermine a justification they intend to use, sooner or later.

Decisive Action Is Required

Sadly the lessons of history seem to have not been learned. The initial response of the West to Russia’s buildup around the Ukraine was pathetic and so inconsequential as to have no deterent value. Russia and China had clearly already organised various measures to soften any economic blows that the West might be likely to impose. What needs to be understood is that these measures will flow both ways. This means that what will prop up Russia will, in a similar way, prop up China when she decides to invade Taiwan.



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Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

Artist, Author, Druid, Educator, Polymath, Technologist. CEO TechnoMagickal. Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Learning Officer, TMRW Group. Ed Lead, Octivo Australia.