The Privileging of Text Literacy in Education Must Stop and a Media-Agnostic Approach Embraced

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Before Text

The word literacy is defined as the ability to read and write. It seems that once we developed writing, probably in multiple places over a long period of time, writing set out to overthrow the importance of other forms of communication and transmission of ideas. It makes sense, writing is amazing and powerful.

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The Takeover of Text

Written text, on the other hand, is set in stone, as it were. It allows knowledge to be remembered and transmitted without a person present. It has an impersonal quality to it by this very fact.

The Issues of Text

I would argue that the fixed nature of written text represents a fundamental rigidity that cannot be there in oral traditions. The rigidity of the text leads to a rigidity and inflexibility of thinking if one is not very careful.

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The March of Technology

Written text is a technology. It is a technology of representation and communication. Before it we had the technology of speech and the technology of painting, drawing and sculpting, which we can learn.

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Putting Text in Its Place

Given all of the above, perhaps it is time that we lower the prominence of text and put it into its correct place as one of many forms of media.

Media-Agnostic Education

Treating the different media equally in education, while privileging none, requires a complete rethink of how we structure learning.

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A Call to Action

My call to those who read this is to consider the above questions and how you can answer them in your own life. Also consider the following questions:



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Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

Dr. Wayne J. Cosshall

Artist, Author, Druid, Educator, Polymath, Technologist. CEO TechnoMagickal. Co-Founder, CTO and Chief Learning Officer, TMRW Group. Ed Lead, Octivo Australia.